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group photo in front of Arrhenius Laboratory

Prof. Jiayin Yuan

Professor in Materials Chemistry
- Wallenberg Academy Fellow
- Director of Stockholm Material Hub
- Dept. of Materials & Environmental Chemistry
Stockholm University
Svante Arrheniusvag 16C, Stockholm 10691, Sweden

Office: Arrhenius Laboratory C422 (Lab K216/K212)
Tel. +46(0)8-162391 and +46(0)721474385
Email jiayin.yuan@mmk.su.se
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Guest Professor
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Potsdam 14476, Germany
Email jiayin.yuan@mpikg.mpg.de

Associate Editor
Nano Select

Topic Editor
Accounts of Materials Research

Ms. Ssadaf Saeedi PhD student
Office C431
Email: sadaf.saeedi@mmk.su.se
Ms. Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad PhD Student
Office C450
Email: atefeh.khorsand@mmk.su.se
Mr. Frederic Heraly PhD student
Office C424
Email: frederic.heraly@mmk.su.se
Ms.Shiqi Zhou PhD student
Office C431
Email: shiqi.zhou@mmk.su.se
Ms. Helena Friedrich Exchange master student
Office C431
Email: Helena.Friedrich@mmk.su.se
Mr. Jian Chang PhD student
Office C431
Email: jian.chang@mmk.su.se
Ms. Ming Yi Exchange PhD student
Office C450
Email: ming.yi@mmk.su.se
Mr. Kanglei Pang PhD student
Office C431
Email: kanglei.pang@mmk.su.se
Ms. Elnaz Tahavori PhD student
Office C434
Email: elnaz.tahavori@mmk.su.se