Yuan Group

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group photo in front of Arrhenius Laboratory

Dr. Jiayin Yuan

Full Professor
Wallenberg Academy Fellow
Dept. of Materials and Environmental Chemistry
Stockholm University
Svante Arrheniusvag 16C, Stockholm 10691, Sweden

Office: Arrhenius Laboratory C422 (Lab K216/K212)
Tel. +46(0)8-162391 and +46(0)721474385
Email jiayin.yuan@mmk.su.se
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Ms. Atefeh Khorsand Kheirabad PhD Student
Office C431
Email: atefeh.khorsand@mmk.su.se
Dr. Wei Cao Postdoc
Office C431
Dr.Miao Zhang Postdoc
Office C431
Email: miao.zhang@mmk.su.se
Dr. Mohamed Yahia Marei Abdelrahim Postdoc
Office C431
Email: mohamed.yahia@mmk.su.se
Ms.Yuqi Ke Exchange PhD student
Office C431
Email: yuqi.ke@mmk.su.se
Dr. Wei Wang Postdoc
Office C431
Email: wei.wang@mmk.su.se
Mr. Loic Rivel-Bouquet Rasmus exchange master student from Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Office C431
Email: loic.Rivel-Bouquet@mmk.su.se
Dr. Yonglei Wang Postdoc
Office C431
Email: yonglei.wang@mmk.su.se